Castle of the Knights of Malta
Castle of the Knights of Malta (Magione)

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta, owner of the Castle of the Knights of Malta in Magione, was founded about nine centuries ago in Jerusalem with the aim of protecting the Holy Land. more

Chiesa di San Domenico
Chiesa di San Domenico (Gubbio)

The church of San Domenico was dedicated originally to San Martino, and, until the beginning of the 14th century, gave that name to its district. It is very ancient, with the first news of it going back to July 1180... more

Basilica di San Pietro
Basilica di San Pietro (Perugia)

A Benedictine abbey, the Church of San Pietro was founded in the 10th century. more

Piazza, Town of San Savino
Piazza, Town of San Savino (Magione)

From San Savino there is a wonderful view of Lake Trasimeno. more

Teatro Pavone
Teatro Pavone (Perugia)

The Teatro Pavone dates from 1717... more

Hotel Brufani Palace
Hotel Brufani Palace (Perugia)

The Hotel Brufani Palace offers a magnificent view of the entire city and the valleys of Umbria. more

Teatro Mengoni
Teatro Mengoni (Magione)

The Teatro in Magione takes its name from its architect, Giuseppe Mengoni. more

Aula Magna, Facoltà di Agraria
Aula Magna, Facoltà di Agraria (Perugia)

The Benedictine Abbey of San Pietro in Perugia is one of the oldest and most prestigious monastic foundations in central Italy. more

Basilica Superiore di San Francesco
Basilica Superiore di San Francesco (Assisi)

The Basilica di San Francesco houses the mortal remains of St. Francis of Assisi since the year 1230. Visited every year by pilgrims from all over the world... more

Auditorium San Domenico
Auditorium San Domenico (Foligno)

The Church of San Domenico, with the adjacent monastery, is one of the most significant architectural monuments in Foligno. more

Teatro Caporali
Teatro Caporali (Panicale)

In 1786, twelve families from Panicale founded a new company, which was called Accademia Teatrale; they asked Francesco Tarducci to build a beautiful wooden theatre, called Teatro del Sole (Theatre of the Sun) because of its position. more

Teatro Cucinelli
Teatro Cucinelli (Solomeo)

The theatre Brunello Cucinelli is the central building of the "Forum of the Arts", commissioned and built by the patron Brunello Cucinelli. more

Palazzo Trinci
Palazzo Trinci (Foligno)

The most famous amongst the historic palaces of Foligno, Palazzo Trinci was built on the north corner of Piazza Grande (now Piazza della Repubblica) and the construction dates back to 1407. more

Chiesa di San Salvatore
Chiesa di San Salvatore (Spoleto)

The Church of San Salvatore in Spoleto is one of the oldest and most remarkable churches in Italy and well worth visiting. more

Teatro Francesco Torti
Teatro Francesco Torti (Bevagna)

The Teatro Torti is located in the main square of Bevagna, a picturesque medieval village set on a hill at the western edge of the Valle Umbra. more

Teatro Clitunno
Teatro Clitunno (Trevi)

The Teatro Clitunno was built in 1875, designed by architect Domenico Mollaioli and inaugurated in 1877 with a performance of the opera "Maria di Rohan" by Gaetano Donizetti. more

Teatro Signorelli
Teatro Signorelli (Cortona)

Designed by architect Carlo Gatteschi in 1854, the Teatro Signorelli has been an important venue for cultural events for over a century and a half. more

Chiesa di San Francesco
Chiesa di San Francesco (Trevi)

The Church of San Francesco is situated on an older church built in 1268 and dedicated to the Virgin Mary. In the first half of the 14th century the Church was enlarged and... more

Teatro Morlacchi
Teatro Morlacchi (Perugia)

Teatro Morlacchi, formerly Teatro del Verzaro, is the largest theatre of Perugia. It is named after the musician Francesco Morlacchi. more

Sala Podiani, Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria
Sala Podiani, Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria (Perugia)

The Sala Podiani is in the Palazzo dei Priori, above the Sala dei Notari, in the centre of Perugia, and it was originally used by the Capitano del Popolo. more

Antica Scuderia, Hotel Alla Posta dei Donini
Antica Scuderia, Hotel Alla Posta dei Donini (San Martino in Campo, Perugia)

Just outside of Perugia, in the little town of San Martino in Campo, the historic residence of Alla Posta dei Donini offers exclusive comfort and services of exquisite quality. Enjoy an extraordinary stay in the heart of Umbria, in a prestigious building that dates to the XVII century. more

Teatro della Concordia
Teatro della Concordia (Monte Castello di Vibio)

The Teatro della Concordia is located in the heart of Monte Castello di Vibio, a small village on the right side of the Tiber River Valley, not far from Todi. The theatre, with its 99 seats—stalls and seats inside the boxes in total—is known as “the smallest theatre in the world”... more